Emilia Chignola

Emilia Chignola Bio Photo.jpg

  1. Could you tell us a bit about how you started out in the games industry?

I was assisting John with some of his game development projects and identified a clear need for gaps to be filled, gaps I could easily fill. Administration, accounting, game design, project management and business development are a small list of “gaps” I keep filled today.

  1. What inspired you to join the industry? Was there a particular game you were obsessed with as a kid?

To be real with you, I never thought of game development as a legitimate career. As a child I loved playing board and video games. I must have dedicated way too many hours on CTR as a kid. Over the years working at Two Lives Left, I became more involved with the whole development process and have grown to love it and learn more and more each day. The ability to express yourself through your own creations is amazing. (also amazingly hard work!)

  1. What project(s) are you currently working on?

We currently have 4 projects on the go. Codea v3 for iPad, Codea Craft for iOS, Crabitron Kinect for Xbox One and DBD for Playstation

  1. What particular types of games or aspects of interactive storytelling interest you?

I seek out games that have a series of escalating challenges that I can complete over multiple playthroughs, such as Crash Bandicoot or Super Mario Bros. 3D World. When I play a game I need finish it 100%, so I like games that provide a deep world to explore with lots of hidden areas and secrets.

I am by all means a completionist.

  1. Do you think approaches to interactive storytelling differ along gender lines? If so, how?

I myself tend not to notice gender lines with storytelling. If a story appeals to me, then I am happy.

  1. What are some of your favourite games created by a woman or featuring a female main character?

Same answer as above. But if I had to pick one, the first that comes to mind is Ida from Monument Valley. But then again, with the perfect combination visuals, story and game mechanics there is so much more to love in MV.

  1. Which upcoming games are you most looking forward to being released and why?

Looking forward to the release of Street Fighter V. I spent a considerable amount of time attempting to master C. Viper, emphasis on “attempting”. The amount of dedication required to excel at this type of fighting game is nothing to be sneezed at. Definitely looking forward to putting aside some spare time to start up again.

  1. What are your tips for anyone wanting to break into the games industry?

Learn to let go of ideas. Ideas are just a thought, it is the execution of the idea that is worth the million dollars.​ Again, I can only speak from our experience. ​We have spent the last 6 years learning, growing, adapting and changing as a studio. Keep making games; continue to learn and hone your craft. Invest in yourself and your studio. Don’t lose your passion and keep at it. Be better every day. Our success as an independent developer is ​a result of all of the above.

  1. Are there any Twitter feeds, websites, Facebook pages, forums etc you could recommend for people who are interested in games and interactive storytelling?

There are so many resources online. I find the best content and insightful conversations can be found on Twitter or even in the comments section. On Twitter you will find the developers themselves being open about their processes and you get to see work in progress updates too! Game Development is much more alive on Twitter vs other social media platforms. If you love a particular video game, Google the designer, programmer, producer, artist or the team in general and start following them on Twitter — ask them questions and have conversations with them directly too!​